Fabienne Bethley ~ Project Manager

Fabienne joined the team in August 2016 after a 10-year career in Human Resources and Organisational Development. She has worked in this capacity across defense, logistics, automotive, education and mining industries, which provides her with a broader approach to working in a small business. She took a side step last year and moved into the ‘family’ real estate business and is now paving her new career at Adelaide Property Network.

She is a woman who wears many hats. She is firstly Patrick’s fiancé, which entails managing a busy home-life with a partner who also runs his own business; she is also busy planning their upcoming wedding and is a very hands-on step-mum to future daughter, Lilly. She spends time each week coaching and training Lilly’s school basketball team and enjoys spending time with extended family and friends.

At Adelaide Property Network, Fabienne works as our Project Manager, managing the implementation of newprojects, development and implementation of the business’s website, social media pages, support with sales and marketing and streamlining the business’s processes and procedures so that we provide our clients with a top tier service. She can’t seem to lose her ‘HR’ hat and continues to work with the team and provide them with extended professional training to ensure they truly are the experts in their field. Fabienne also spends time on her own professional development with a focus this year working on her Property Management and Conveyancing studies – a service Adelaide Property Network looks forward to providing their clients in the future!