Patrick Nhim ~ Director

Patrick started his ‘career’ at the ripe age of 7, working 7 days a week, in his parents Grocery Store in Cabramatta. His greatest memory was working on the cash register. It was there that he first learnt how to sell; he learnt how to deal with customers, he learnt how to negotiate and he learnt to speak 2 languages! Born in Cambodia, his family fled their war-torn home country and was fortunate enough to come to Australia in 1984 … “the land of opportunity”. Growing up in a typical Asian family, he saw his parents work hard in many jobs until they finally had enough money saved up to start their own business. For 8 years he and his brothers worked before and after school at the family business, until one day his parents decided to sell up and move to Adelaide.

In Adelaide, he completed his schooling and commenced his tertiary education at The University of Adelaide. Shortly after graduating, he started his first “real” job with Ford Motor as a Sales Consultant. After a few years, he moved to Adelaide BMW and after a decade in the car sales industry, he took a side step into property and real estate sales. Under the wing of a great mentor, who had over 40 years selling property, he quickly realised that real estate was his true calling!

“There are rarely opportunities in life where you have the chance to learn and work with the greatest in your chosen field … and I relished this opportunity!”

Set on a trajectory of personal and professional growth, in 2014 Patrick opened Adelaide Property Network. At Adelaide Property Network you will find a team of experienced and passionate collaborators working to achieve your real estate dreams!

Strategic in his approach, professional, energetic and thorough, Patrick is a leader by example. His team maintains the highest standards for themselves, which in return only provides the best possible outcomes for their clients … YOU! Patrick effortlessly balances his business and work commitments with his own professional development, a busy family life and his second passion … a love for fishing!  

Patrick specialises in:

  • Northern Expressway Land Acquisition
  • Rural Horticultural and Viticultural Land Sales
  • Commercial and Rural Sales
  • Commercial and Rural Leasing
  • Commercial and Rural Development
  • Residential Property Sales
  • Property Management
  • Property Sub-division